The Rise and Rise of E-Commerce

Does  business today start with an e?   The outlook for India’s economy may be gloomy for now, but one sector looks set to boom: online retail. As more and more Indians use the internet, revenues of e-commerce companies could triple over the next three years to 504 billion rupees ($8.13 billion). It’s not just Flipkart, […]

College Startups

Of late, the startup culture has taken a sudden boost, thanks to the growing spirit of entrepreneurship. Over the years, college campuses have spurred a lot of startups relating to various fields. And why not should it be? Facebook was born at Harvard, Google at Stanford. Who knows if the next giant would take birth […]

RMSoEE – A Start-up for Start-ups

An introductory session was held on the 9th of April at Kalidas Auditorium by the Rajendra Mishra School of Engineering Entrepreneurship for the students interested in taking up a dual masters degree in Engineering Entrepreneurship, to augment their departmental major.   Following a brief introduction on the challenges and rewards of pursuing entrepreneurship,Professor Partha Pratim […]