SAMSUNG GALAXY SIII : A New Era in Mobile Computing ?


Not happy even with the 4.3” high resolution capacitive touch, Samsung SII? There is more for you in store. Recently launched Samsung SIII’s 4.8” massive  screen looks enormous in the hand but is just 16 percent bigger than its 20 million sold predecessor Samsung SII which answers your question that would it be practical to carry the monster. The Korean manufacturer claimed the phone was “Inspired by nature, developed for humans”.

Unveiled on the 3rd of may  at an international launch held at London’s Earls Court arena, it includes innovative new features such as eye tracking so that the screen stays and not even dims on while a user is looking at it.

In the same way if you have a contact open and you raise the phone up, it would call that person without touching even a single button.

It’s got everything you can dream of. After thousands of rumors we finally know what Samsung has for us. Competitive to the Apple iphone, it has got all its features and even with better specifications like  Android 4.0.4 and Exynos 4 Quad (1.4GHz) processor.

What Siri is to iphone, S-Voice is to samsung. Yes, another feature introduced in the Samsung SIII which lets you control your phone using voice commands. Well, it clearly shows this monster has set up a neck-to-neck fight with the till now invincible iphone 4S. Plus the lower cost gives it an upper hand.

Its got enough for the so called “Let’s-Click-A-Pic”  generation. The 8MP rear camera with 1.9 MP front camera with the burst shot and best photo mode says it all. It can take upto 20 burst shots and display them together so that you can select the best out of them. Not a new but a “should-be” feature in the phone.The HTC One X Camera can capture 99 photos in the same burst mode .

Further,  the phone adds useful features that can automatically share a photograph you take with people whose faces are recognised, called ‘Buddy Photo Share’, or display social media profiles directly on a photograph when those face are recognised.

Also the features like S-Beam which lets you transfer files via NFC and WiFi Direct, between two phones touched together, operating at up to 300Mbps and Dropbox (including a 50 Gb storage for two years ) and Flipboard are also some of the useful features .It also has the feature which all smartphone users dream of, a wireless charger but you cannot rely on it until you yourself use it.

Now, as we know nothing is perfect.Talking about the cons of this monster. It has got a big 2,100mAh Battery but as per the features the phone seems demanding and also regards to the screen that says when you look at it. Also it has got a 8MP camera but could be better. Also accuracy of the S-Voice is something which you cannot depend on.


It looks like it is going to be a better successor to Samsung SII but lets see how its amazing features threaten the sales of the iPhone 4S.

Contributed by – Vinayak Bajaj

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