The Rise and Rise of E-Commerce

Does  business today start with an e?   The outlook for India’s economy may be gloomy for now, but one sector looks set to boom: online retail. As more and more Indians use the internet, revenues of e-commerce companies could triple over the next three years to 504 billion rupees ($8.13 billion). It’s not just Flipkart, […]

Rise of Mobile Apps

The last decade of this technologically advancing 21st Century saw the exponential rise in the number of mobiles phones operating and the major part of this number is comprised of the so-called ‘smart’-phones. As of 2011, smart-phones accounted for above 35% of the total telephones in the world and this figure rose to 56% in […]

College Startups

Of late, the startup culture has taken a sudden boost, thanks to the growing spirit of entrepreneurship. Over the years, college campuses have spurred a lot of startups relating to various fields. And why not should it be? Facebook was born at Harvard, Google at Stanford. Who knows if the next giant would take birth […]