Rendezvous with Amritanshu Anand

BetaGlide: Make your app work across all devices   Starting up your own venture has become quite the rage these days. Especially, here in IIT Kharagpur, with every passing batch, more and more people are getting ready to take the leap. So in order to inspire all the aspiring entrepreneurs in campus and beyond, we decided […]

Are You Employable?

When the going gets tough, only the tough get going: 10 essential skills required for working in a startup Working at a startup is quite motivating and invigorating, and is quite the fad in present times. To play a part in the building of the foundations of a venture, which may later be the next […]

iOS 8 : Biggest iOS release ever

  Late Steve Jobs created a revolution in the mobile phone industry when he launched the world’s first Smartphone and caught everyone’s attention when he integrated a touch screen ipod, a mobile phone and an internet communicator. His famous quote – ‘Stay Hungry! Stay Foolish!’ has been kept alive in the labs at Apple, with […]

Rise of Mobile Apps

The last decade of this technologically advancing 21st Century saw the exponential rise in the number of mobiles phones operating and the major part of this number is comprised of the so-called ‘smart’-phones. As of 2011, smart-phones accounted for above 35% of the total telephones in the world and this figure rose to 56% in […]

Company Valuation

Everything we lay our eyes on has a value we assign to it. Be it the simplest thing you shop at the supermarket or a sophisticated entity you watch on the TV. This is valuation at the basic level. You may be dumbfound if I say that there are guys who make a career by […]

Exit Strategy

                 “Begin with the end in mind,” says Stephen Covey in his book, “The Seven Habits of Successful Living.” Those who have created a successful business know it does not happen without planning, hard work, and a little luck. Yet most have no exit plan for leaving their business. The truth is that most […]

Business Strategies for Entrepreneurs

With the initial steps of the product development and the patenting out of the way, the entrepreneur must now look at some business strategies to successfully execute his idea. No matter how great the product is, the strategy for implementation differentiates a great entrepreneur from a good one. Let me use an example to begin, […]