College Startups

Of late, the startup culture has taken a sudden boost, thanks to the growing spirit of entrepreneurship. Over the years, college campuses have spurred a lot of startups relating to various fields. And why not should it be? Facebook was born at Harvard, Google at Stanford. Who knows if the next giant would take birth in your campus! An increasing number of colleges across the country have taken a step forward in encouraging startup culture.


College Startups

There are various reasons why you should come up with a startup at college.


  • Bringing out a startup at the college level is considered the safest form of entrepreneurship considering the ample facilities like free internet connection and required working space. With most colleges having an entrepreneurship club dedicated towards inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship among its students, interested students can have access to various resources. You have the necessary tools and more importantly, time.
  • Can partner with fellow students with a common zeal and build a strong team with constant inflow of ideas.
  • Once out of college, there is an increasing pressure from family and job which could inhibit one’s motivation towards launching a startup.
  • Allows for great networking and building contacts
  • Can contribute to the thought-process and gives a platform to innovate and emulate.


The role of colleges

  • Include entrepreneurship as an objective of education
  • Fostering entrepreneurship in higher education. Entrepreneurship should be incorporated in various subjects, particularly within scientific and technical studies, to provide students with the specific training on how to run a business.
  • Create awareness among teachers so that they can spread such ideas and encourage students.


Startup culture has come a long way in realizing the goal of entrepreneurship in many universities across India. But there’s a long way ahead. With more colleges having an entrepreneurship club encouraging students to launch startups, we can have  a wider room full of ideas echoing about the walls of innovation and change. The increasing number of competitions and activities revolving around entrepreneurship is a sign of the growing trend of ideas put to reality through startups. And the best place to start them up, the college indeed.


Colleges with established entrepreneurial ecosystem in India

  • IIT Bombay

E-Cell hosts various workshops, speaker sessions, innovative games, competitions for aspiring entrepreneurs and support them by providing necessary resources such as seed funding, mentoring, consultancy and networking. Their initiatives include Eureka, E-Summit, the magazine EnSpace and EnB-Club to build the entrepreneurial culture in the campus.

  • BITS Pilani

The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) is the entrepreneurial community of BITS Pilani which is aimed at creating leaders through entrepreneurial thinking. Their projects include Conquest, Epsilon, Summer in a startup, TEDx Pilani and many others to contribute to the global entrepreneurial innovation.

  • NIT Trichy

The entrepreneurial atmosphere of NIT Trichy is apparently manifest by Ventura, the B-Plan competition organized by E-Cell, NIT Trichy that has elevated itself into an international business plan competition. Some of their initiatives are TEDx Trichy, Genesis, NEN E-Week among many others


Some globally reputed entrepreneurship clubs

  • Harvard Business School – Entrepreneurship Club
  • Technology Entrepreneurship Society – University of Texas at Austin
  • The Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship – Rice University


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