E-Adda Session 2.0 : Exploring Startups across various domains

What besets us the most while initiating a matter? Be it something as wee as a discussion or as dire as a start-up. The ‘How’ indeed, if you guessed it. There has always been this shackle around every good idea, for how are we to manifest it. And for a good start-up it is very much required to have all the pre-requisite knowledge, so as one may become a good judge of the direction he/she should take to move forth. Hence, the theme of session 2.0 of the Adda: Exploring Startups across various domains.

 The session began with Mr. Pranay Gupta, early stage start-up expert and partner at 91springboard (ex-joint CEO, CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad), delivering a hangout session on different ways to initiate and reinforced the more effective ones. To begin a venture, the first three hurdles one must overcome are the  ‘What, which and why‘, for there are many ideas out there but, what will really sell, which one will catch the eye of a customer and why would someone need it are the three most important factors one should look out for. This was enunciated explicitly by Mr. Gupta through numerous examples shared by him. For instance, Greenway Grameen was a initiation aimed at making the kitchen-life of a rural housewife facile, they made utensils that helped in efficient burning of wood used in the chulhas, making the fire last longer and healthier. Many app-based start-ups are focusing on designing applications that could be utilized for daily purposes like, an alternative for, remote control for television or car-lock. These are genuinely focused on making our day-to-day life more simple and easy. Similarly, Primaseller, a cloud based Omni-channel retailing start-up, aimed its resources to be utilized by large organizations that needed more lucidity in there work process. The fact maintained, was that technology can bring efficiency, it only requires exploring into the little loopholes that could be vanquished by its use.
The Adda after this mind-warming session, discussed about Business Model Canvas. It deliberated upon the necessity of a business model for any start-up, and how it outlines the functioning of the company. Rajesh Ranjan, one of the members of E-Adda, initiated a detailed discussion on the various attributes of B-Model and why they are relevant, citing examples from various fields.
The session again provided valuable insights on entrepreneurship and its diverse aspects. E-Adda entertains a mutual exchange of knowledge and ideas. The Adda has and always will be about start-ups, ideas, their solutions and YOU.

-Haarsh Dubey


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