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With 56% of the world using smart phones it is really essential to make your presence felt in the digital world as well and what would be a better method than a smart and clean app to reach out to this cyber world. But merely having the idea isn’t enough and what you need is scalable and powerful web and mobile applications for the betterment of your company.
Creating in niche for yourself in this new era of technology includes several parameters, each of which is to be taken care for: jotting down all growth avenues and taking care of all the risks precisely in order to generate maximum reach and revenue.

On a planet which has had billions of apps downloaded in the last year, creating an app would be too conventional if not developed, exceptionally well. What we need is a fast performing app that ensures easy usage for the user. But the work is not done yet…
Once the app hits the market, one needs to make sure that it remains at the top of the popular list so as to ensure maximum downloads.

A world where more than 60% of the population is connected through the internet, marking your presence on the World Wide Web is equally important. A smart website which provides the customer a smooth navigation experience along the site, is what will return a maximum conversion rate per unique visitor.
Along with this keeping a track of the hotspots on your website will only make it more efficient and successful.


But simply, creating a website and an app will yield no result unless you keep a track of what’s happening out there. This creates an immediate need of proper marketing and analysis of the data. The different social media serve as a perfect digital marketing avenue where you can easily keep a track on the number of visits and hits and according plan your future measures depending upon the statistics you receive.

On realizing all these problems from the point of view of an innovator, people have come up with ideas to provide all such services under a single roof and we are glad to have such an organisation as one of our exclusive Start-up Services Program (SSP) partners.

Doodleblue is a creative technology solutions consulting firm which provides the implementations necessary for firms, particularly entrepreneurs and business start-ups to initiate and takes care of all the parameters discussed above. The team here is highly experienced when it comes to providing its clients with the best of the business utilities.
Doodleblue ensures that your apps are better than what you imagined them to be and will look after it not only during ideation and  development but until it reaches a particular level of self sustainment .
From developing emergency information systems for Carnegie Mellon University to designing iPad toys for toddlers, they have done it all and cater to all your whims!

So, if you have an idea, it’s time to go app-ing!


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