The NextGen Computer- Google Glass

Innovative thinking has always been the prime facet of technological advancements in this age of development. The world is brimming with services that the existing products are frequently modified in function, to swipe our busy lives with luxury and comfort. This being the case, have you ever wondered if the glasses you wear could be sophisticated enough to give you access to the Internet? Better still, you can interact with your new gadget using voice commands. Google glass, being developed by Google’s Project Glass research and development project is an attempt at an optical head mounted display computer that resembles the common day spectacles but with powerful inbuilt functions.

Google glass was initially expected to perform the same functions as of a smartphone. However, the Explorer edition was priced too high that made it less feasible to the public in the global markets. There are reports that a new version will be released in a year from now, that will make it more affordable for the masses. A glass prototype was framed in 2011 and the product testing began in April, 2012. As anticipated, Google Glass comes with a plethora of features such as recording 720p HD video, 5 MP photos, around 12 GB of usable memory, Bluetooth and WiFi features combined with an Android operating system enabled on a touch-pad and supporting apps.  The most appealing feature is the specialized configuration that allows Google glass to be controlled using voice commands. Now, that is a dream gadget come true.


Just like any other side of a coin, Google glass does own some demerits to its name. There have been criticisms over its delayed introduction into the markets and also the difficulties of wearing it for those wearing prescribed glasses. Also, its high cost is a barrier high enough to break through. Due to its potential privacy violating capabilities, many services have banned the use of Google Glass. Apprehension over using motor vehicles while wearing it has also been raised.


In a nutshell, Google Glass is one of those ideas that caught widespread media attention principally due to its innovatively constructed model. In November 2012, Time Magazine declared Google Glass as the best invention of the year 2012.

–Sebin Mathew


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