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For a freelancer or a small business owner, client management, job management, time tracking, and invoicing all tend to be more complicated than is often necessary. There are many softwares in the market to solve all the above problems but one software that stands out is iBiz.

iBiz is a billing and time management application that helps track the work you do, lets you bill clients for completed work, and then tracks payments so you get paid for the work you do. The iBiz interface takes a client- rather than a project-based approach to manage your work. It greatly simplifies all these processes by providing a clean and intuitive interface that is not overwhelming or hard to understand. Keeping track of the time spent on a project, invoicing, invoice tracking, managing clients and job history are all items iBiz handles with ease.


Ian G. Gillespie

Developer, iBiz


The iBiz software is developed by IGG Software, a small company based in Vermont,USA that specializes in Mac OS X applications for personal finance and small business. It was started by Ian G. Gillespie, so his initials became its name. Ian is a California native, his academic background was in biology, botany and environmental studies. He came to the field of technology purely out of personal passion, and has been writing Mac softwares for over a decade.

iBiz is an easy to use time-billing and invoicing application. It integrates with iCal and Address Book, offers tax support and easily generates custom invoices. This is the most intuitive time-billing application out there. Essential for anyone self employed.


Few interesting features of this application are as follows:

Address Book Integration: Upon installation iBiz adds a group to Address Book of iBiz Clients. Drag and drop clients into this group in Address Book for them to appear in iBiz. xcv

 Billing Accounts: Keep Track how much each client owes you, which clients are overdue, and when payments are due. Record payments and deposits, send out statements, and stay on top of your money.

 User Interface Enhancements: A modified main window allows for better organization of to do’s, files and event logs, while many new changes create a more intuitive workspace.

 iCal Sync: iCal is a personal calendar application made by Apple Inc. that runs on the Mac OS X operating system. iCal was the first calendar application for Mac OS X to offer support for multiple calendars and the ability to publish/subscribe calendars to WebDAV server. Syncing with this software helps in better time management.


Easy Estimates: Fully customizable templates give you the look you want. Change fonts, insert a logo, add a special message, then email a PDF to your client with one click


iBiz offers very good, client-focused tools for tracking and billing the time you spend on your projects. The program is flexible, allowing you to bill not only for time spent, but per item, for mileage, or at a flat rate. While iBiz doesn’t offer the broad range of templates built into programs like Billings, what it does offer is sufficient to get your information to clients and start you down the road to getting the money you’ve earned into the bank.


You can use a trial version for 10 days offered by the company and if satisfied, which i am sure you will be, you can buy it at a modest price of $39.99 from the company’s website link http://www.iggsoftware.com/ibiz/downloads.php?dl=ibiz.


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