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Most startups have humble beginnings, but at a certain point you cannot meet or work with your employees at restaurants or cafes. And voila! Welcome co-working spaces. What’s a co-working space? Coworking is a style of work that involves a shared working environment, often an office, and independent activity. So do startups actually require co-working space? Well the answer is yes.


The benefits of this concept are innumerable, especially for ventures undergoing the metamorphosis from just co-founders to a full fledged startup. When like minded people work together, there is always a valuable exchange of ideas and innovative propositions. Interacting with different startups is always a motivation and is mutually beneficial for all the startups. Who knows? Your future technical co-founder may just be working at the next cubicle. These office spaces are also within budget of an early startup, so there are no issues in that regard. Also another aspect which is beneficial is that a startup may meet current or prospective clients at a co-working space, enhancing business manifold.


With startup co-working spaces gaining immense popularity in Silicon Valley, the concept is slowly making an entrance into the fast developing startup ecosystem in India. The new kid on the block, with the largest co-working hub in India, 91Springboard provides startup access to infrastructure, mentors and a community of like minded startup enthusiasts. Located in Delhi and Gurgaon, along with vanilla co-working space, 91Springboard also has an incubation programme for the most promising of their incubatees. It was started by a team of eight ‘on-site entrepreneurs’. This includes Pranay Gupta, Anand Vemuri, Varun Chawla, Priyanka Sharma and Girish Khera, all of them experienced and extremely adept entrepreneurs. Adding to all these credentials 91Springboard is one of our exclusive Startup Services Program (SSP) partners.


The co-working space provides plug-and-play office infrastructure where startups can work and interact with other entrepreneurs, including conference rooms, wifi, projectors, storage and security. The main eye-catcher has been the unconventional design of the office space which consists of informal lounges and video game space in contrast to the corporate glass conference rooms.


For the incubation programme, 91Springboard focuses on prototype or product development stage startups. They strive to provide funding (from Rs.5 lakhs to 1 crore), mentorship, space and services, and most importantly networks with other startup founders, potential customers, strategic partners, and investors.


You may finally ask : Why 91Springboard? It has always always been their primary objective to launch the startups in India, which are in dire need of funding, services and networking…hence, the name ‘springboard’.


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