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An introductory session was held on the 9th of April at Kalidas Auditorium by the Rajendra Mishra School of Engineering Entrepreneurship for the students interested in taking up a dual masters degree in Engineering Entrepreneurship, to augment their departmental major.  

Following a brief introduction on the challenges and rewards of pursuing entrepreneurship,Professor Partha Pratim Das (head of the RMSoEE) proceeded to show the students a presentation on the various details regarding the course and the prospects it holds in store. His presentation also included the statistics and achievements of the first batch, which is passing out this year. He talked about the various startups, in the incubation stage, started by some of the students of this course, including development of a biodegradable sanitary napkin for women, Intugine (development of a motion sensing ring called Nimble), and Betaglide, an app development and testing startup. Professor Das ended his presentation by sharing with us the enlightening words of Salvador Dali – “ Intelligence without Ambition is like a bird without wings”. He went on to explain to the students that they have the intelligence, but RMSoEE will instil in them the ambition to continue with their ideation and innovation. Next up, Professor Sudhir Barai, Chairman of the Career Development Centre also inspired us to follow our dreams and not to be afraid of taking risks to succeed in our endeavour. He went on to say that  taking up a secure cushy job isn’t always satisfying, but the experience of starting your own venture is always worth it, since it helps you grow both professionally and as a person.

The event concluded with an interactive question-answer session with the professors-in-charge and the students who have already started up, in order to address the doubts of the students with regard to the course details and curriculum structure. Some of the campus entrepreneurs, including Kumar Abhijeet (developer of a location based mobile application) and Spurthy (developer of the sanitary napkin) vividly shared their experiences and their journey fromideation  to incubation and finally marketing their product. It was an extremely informative session everyone was of the opinion that the students are privileged to have RMSoEE in the campus to assist budding entrepreneurs.


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