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It’s comprehensible, affordable and unbelievably portable. It simply uses the camera at the back of your phone to scan through any object kept at its base. Gone are those days when clicking a pic of a document or of a receipt for further reference was an arduous task. First of all you have to struggle with the angle and the distance and then, when you think everything’s perfect there is flash which makes it too bright and washed out. An elegant solution to this frustrating problem is Scanbox. Now just carry a durable, laminated card with you in your bag or in your briefcase which can be very easily converted to a personal scanner.


What exactly is a scanbox?

It’s basically a handy mount or a stand for your phone allowing you to insert documents underneath it for scanning. It uses high powered mini magnets to hold it in its shape. It’s fully collapsible and easily gets converted into a flat laminated card and remain folded with the same magnets that hold it in place when it’s set up as a scanning box.


Technical Specifications:

Once set up, the phone sits on top at the correct height to get a photo of documents up to a maximum of US Letter and A4 paper size.

The Dimensions of Scanbox when set up:

  • Height: 12.2 inches (310 mm)

  • Width: 12.2 inches (310 mm)

  • Depth: 9.05 inches (230 mm)

The Dimensions of Scanbox when packed down:

  • Height: 0.19 inches (5 mm)

  • Width: 12.2 inches (310 mm)

  • Depth: 9.05 inches (230 mm)


How It Works?

“As long as there is a camera on the back of a smartphone it should be good to go,”as told by its co-creator Phil Bosua. What its creators,  Phil Bosua, Ben Hillier and Luke Allen did was they found the exact height required by iphone 4/4S to take perfect picture of a US letter and A4 size paper, using a tripod. Then they researched on other smartphones and found that their focal lengths were similar to iphone’s and took that height as a reference.


Practical Applications:

It has been basically designed for those who seldom need to scan documents but traditional desktop scanners are far too big, expensive and cumbersome for their occasional usage.

It has been designed to optimize nearly all lighting conditions so your scans always look great.

Out of its innumerable applications some of them are:

  • Digitize your receipts

  • Live projector for presentations

  • Scans 3D objects (great for eBay product shots)

  • Scan a page from a book (remember those!)

  • Turns your phone into a photocopier




A smarter version of scanbox, scanbox+ is also available which includes set of LED lights on the reverse side of the front flap which ensures shadow free perfect scan but nevertheless it still folds flat. Scanbox comes with a range of colours to choose from. [Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Black, Orange]

Currently the scanbox is a kickstarter project but with its goal of pledged $12,500 well surpassed and currently standing at pledged $41,756 with 46 days left it’s surely gonna become a reality. A $15 pledge (plus $3 in the US and $10 for international shipping) gets you a Scanbox. Pledges of $25 or more goes toward Scanbox+, you can also pledge $56 or more to grab Scanbox+ bundles.



Contributed by Aditya Jalan

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