Why short videos or advertisements are more effective than conventional print media

Man if provided with a choice, will choose the laziest of the paths

Print Media had been once the sole medium of news and advertisement. The dusk of the 20th century saw an huge shift in this power of media. Electronic media gained pace, its reach and its impact amplified with the growth of technology. In the current scenario an advertisement instantly becomes grand and viral if released in the form of a short video into the electronic media. Here are listed certain factors that would amount for the efficiency of short videos over the print media.

Psychological Factor:

Indeed between the choice of reading about something, that provides you with a secondary vision, and watching an interesting video about it, that provides you with first hand visualization, a person would choose the latter. This being the psychological aspect that provides as one base for this comparison.

Impact Factor:

Let us see an example, Hero is one company that has done ample of advertising; in both the sectors, print media and television. Of which one do you remember the most?

This is because Visual Aid amplifies the impact on Human Cognition. It persists for much longer period.

Message Factor:

Let us observe another factor, say, if we were provided with a job to jolt down a short video advertisement into an ad for the print media. Well, you just wrote a short story. Established here is another fact; the message through the former medium is more elaborate and more clear and requires a feasible amount of the target audience’s time.

Print Media too is very much able to carry a message, but with an irremovable flaw, that only a handful of population is able grasp a message presented in the form of a picture or poster.

Bait Factor:

Attention is the most a marketer desire of its target crowd. All the advertising, publicizing through whatever conduits is just bait to gain a cordial attention of the audience.

Print media inherently has a lack of baits; the only thing that draws you towards an ad in a newspaper is either a great design or an enthralling slogan.

While electronic media can lure you through an attractive video, a catchy song or the most effective, through a personality with a good fan-base say, an actor, sportsperson.


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